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Slots Odds

What are the odds?

Some slot machines have higher payouts than others. It is largely believed that it is not by coincidence that casinos set higher payout percentages in some machines and not so high for others. It is highly suspected that slot machines placed next to entrances and on corridors often have higher payout ratios to encourage passers by to take more time to come into the casino and play slot games. Others think the observed phenomenon whereby slot machines in high traffic areas tend to hit more often than those in less traffic areas can simply be attributed to the fact that with more traffic there are more chances. This argument is not without merit since it is the case that the wider the sample, the greater the probability. But the very idea that it is possible to set payout ratios and to vary them for that matter means that it is better to look for a slot machine with greater payout ratio if you could ever know.

Prominent slot players did discover with time that certain machines offered better chances than others and tried as much as possible to stick to them which caused many casino managers to shuffle the machines. Today the practice of putting certain slot machines with favorable payouts at particular places is less prominent but it is believed that certain machines may still offer higher payouts in default especially if they are not calibrated regularly. It is not clear whether the online slots also operate in this manner.

Average Slots Payouts at Real Casinos

Casinos offer different payouts for different pay lines on the same slot machines by choosing right slot machine strategies. Pay lines are represented by different coin denominations. Low denomination coins or pay lines attract lower payout percentages while high denomination coins attract higher payout ratios. The logic behind this is that the low denomination pay lines are often engaged with lots activities whose returns are comparatively low while the high denomination pay lines have very little activity and need to attract more customers.

A survey revealed the following pay out ratios;

  • Denomination of $0.05 attracts an average of 92.5%
  • Denomination of $0.25 attracts an average of 94.1%
  • Denomination of $1 attracts an average of 95.9%
  • Denomination of $5 attracts an average of 98.4%

Translating the above to credit per coin per hour brings the following results;

  • 6.75 credits of play for the $0.05 slots
  • 26.75 credits of play for the $0.25 slots
  • 74.00 credits of play for the $1 slots
  • 145.00 credits of play for the $5 slots

It may be a good strategy to play for the high denomination coin with more credits for play since this gives you more opportunity for winning the jackpot. It is recorded that an Arizona businessman won the multi million dollar Megabucks jackpot having invested only 22 credits of play while on holiday in Harrah's Las Vegas in 2001.

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