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Roulette strategy

Strategies for Winning Roulette

Roulette is a pure probability game and which means in any spin there are equal chances that one outcome will or will not occur. The purpose of betting is to give you an opportunity to win and not just donate money to a casino. It is in the process of trying luck that certain players have come to appreciate that some factors give you a greater probability of occurrence.

The first strategy for winning any game anywhere is to learn its rules because you have to follow the rules correctly before you can win. The rules are a guide and the rules also make you aware of your winnings or losses since you can not expect to play blindly hoping the casino will tell you that you have won and pay you if you can not recognize that you have won and claim to be paid.

Another strategy for roulette lies in the choice of table or version. The European version is closer to the original French version and features one zero pocket while the American version features both a single zero and a double zero pocket. The probability of winning in the European version is therefore 1 out 37 while the probability of winning in the American roulette is 1 out 38. By this alone the European has a house advantage of 2.6% whereas the American roulette has a house advantage of 5.2%.

It is also necessary to find out how other rules like surrender or in prison applies for a particular casino. In some roulette casinos you only loose half your bet if the ball lands on 0 or 00. It is important to know this since the 0s and 00s are the ones that tilt the advantage in favor of the house.

Roulette Strategies: Fact or Fiction

From the foregoing argument above the decision as to whether roulette strategies and odds are facts or fiction is debatable. If you take the narrow statistical perspective, you would argue that nothing can change the probability of one result occurring and not the other. Though we have seen that the double zero pocket represents an added disadvantage. In this case the game you chose to play can be branded a strategy but once you have settled on the game then there is sincerely no strategy to make you improve your chances of winning a bet or reducing the odds against you.

America vs. European Roulette

The strategy of choosing between the American and the European roulettes seem to make great mathematical sense. It is better to play the European roulette than the American version because the double zero pocket on the American version only serves to further tilt the house edge in favor of the dealer or banker.

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