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Blackjack odds

Choosing the Right Table

>Choosing the right table has a bearing on how much you can be paid if you win and the probability of winning itself. Different blackjack variations have different rules and strategies, and these always imply the house's advantage Vis a Vis the player's. Blackjack tables that give the house greater edge implies more disadvantage for the player. Some pay in the ratio of 6:5 which in real terms translates to very little profit if you win. It is better for instance to go for a table which pays in the ratio of 3:2.

Other tables allow the dealer to hit soft on 17 which essentially increases the house's advantage by I. This provision makes it possible for the dealer to beat the player's hand of 18.

No double down after splitting is another rule that reduces the room for the player to maneuver in his endeavor to hit a hand of 21. If for example a player pairs on seven and then decides to split then he remains with seven in each hand. Doubling down would make it possible to get a four on the first hand and a three on the second which would add up to 21. So ruling out doubling after splitting reduces the player's chances of winning the blackjack.

Favorable Rules

One favorable rule for the player requires that the dealer must hit on certain hands. This means that when the player has done his part and opts to stand and let the dealer play his hands, it is still possible for the player to win when the dealer busts. If the dealer's hitting options are limited then there are more chances that the dealer can bust and the player to win at the point of standing.

Surrendering is another rule that introduces more flexibility for the player. It offers the player a chance to save half his bet by not letting the dealer play hinds if there are increased likelihood that the dealer may hit the jack causing the player to loose all his bet. This is an option that a player can take when the dealer's up card is a Jack or an Ace. Some online blackjack tables do not permit surrender especially later in the game.

Blackjack tables with reduced house advantage are also favorable to the player. The house rules which require the dealer to player his hands after the player has completed his game make it possible for a player who did not bust outright to have a chance of winning incase the dealer fails to hit a bust but gets a lower hit than the player. The player also wins if he had opted to stand at some point but the dealer busts.

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